Sunday, January 29, 2006

VA Prince William County's First Female Muslim Police Officer

New graduate Sara Khan is the force's first Muslim woman.

"You have a certain image of an officer -- crew cut, big, 6-foot-2," said Khan, a trim, 130-pound, 5-foot-8 woman with long dark hair swept up in a bun.

Khan stands out for many reasons: her caramel skin with its delicate features, her youth (she turned 21 while at the academy) and her beliefs -- one that keeps her from joining colleagues for a beer after work and another that requires her to pray five times a day, although she modifies that to meet her work schedule.

"People are so fascinated with my culture. The main thing that comes up is arranged marriages," she said.

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Friday, January 13, 2006

And why Florida's Latinas are converting to Islam?

Manuel Vasquez, religion professor at the University of Florida told Sun Sentinel newspaper:

"Second-generation Latinas are caught between the morality of their parents and the morality of the larger mainstream society. Islam offers a clear code. Women know they are respected, taken care and protected from the negative influences of secular society. It's a kind of empowerment they don't experience in a culture that is constantly sexualizing them, and Latinas are particularly sexualized."

Marie Hernandez, 22, of Boca Raton found a total way of life:

"I started reading about the life of the Prophet Mohammed, and I was convinced that this is the true prophet of God. This is the message I have to follow."
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Why European women are turning to Islam

Christian Science Monitor explores the "usual" question: why European women are turning to Islam? A lady gave a short answer:

Ms. Fallot, who converted to Islam three years ago after asking herself spiritual questions to which she found no answers in her childhood Catholicism, says she finds the suspicion her new religion attracts "wounding." "For me," she adds, "Islam is a message of love, of tolerance and peace."
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The lyrics from last post were taken from Sami Yusuf website. The song was part of his new album My Ummah.

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